Hot House, Next Door Team for 2 New Membership Sites

TEMPE, Ariz. — Hot House Entertainment and Next Door Entertainment are launching two new membership sites — and — by summer, the companies announced Thursday at The Phoenix Forum.

Steven Scarborough, President and founder of Hot House Entertainment, told XBIZ that the deal is primarily one that will streamline the studio’s efforts in producing content while handing the reins to a proven affiliate program, Next Door Buddy Profits affiliate program.

Scarborough, who has been shooting gay content for nearly 25 years and courting Next Door for the past three years over some type of online arrangement, said the deal “establishes a new digital marketing strategy for Hot House.”

“It will allow us to continue producing original content while Next Door provides the membership site technology, online marketing and affiliate program management,” he said.

Stephen Sirard, Next Door’s president, told XBIZ, that the new membership sites will be launched on all-new platform featuring a newly designed interface and that he’s “pleased to be moving forward to launch these new sites.”

“It’s all about timing,” Sirard said. “We’ve lined up COLT, Falcon and now Hot House. These relations will enable everyone to grow their online businesses in a more efficient and profitable way.

“The anticipation is starting to build as we are already getting great feedback from our affiliate community in advance of the new site launches.”

The deal for the membership sites between the companies was preceded by an earlier affiliate deal made in December. The two companies said current Hot House Cash affiliates will be migrated into the Next Door Buddy Profits affiliate program within the next few months.