Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 for Android

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Mozilla has launched Firefox Mobile for Android and Maemo.

The company claims Mobile Firefox 4, which requires a ARMv7 CPU and 512 MB RAM, is up to three times faster than Android’s default web browser and offers syncing features not found in any other browser, WebMonkey reports.

Mobile Firefox 4 uses the same Gecko rendering engine as its desktop, along with the same JavaScript compiler and the same HTML5 support, which means users should see the same speed on their phones as they see online.

The mobile version of Firefox 4 can handle themes and add-ons such as AdBlock Plus and Readability, which are now available.

Another feature of the mobile version is the syncing capabilities. By turning on Firefox Sync on their desktops, users will be able receive any bookmarks, passwords and open tabs on their phone.

Mobile Firefox 4’s syncing features mean that users can walk away from their desktop and pick up exactly where they left off on their phone.