Jet Set Men Releases 'Marcus Got Mojo'

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Jet Set Men has announced the release of “Marcus Got Mojo,” the collector’s edition of Marcus Steele.

Steele has performed in “CarJackers,” “Big Dick Society 2” and “Tackle.”

“Marcus is one of those performers that is pure sexual energy and loves to show it off,” videographer Brad Austin said.

“Marcus Got Mojo” features eight scenes with Southern-style man-on-man action.

The releaes stars Dylan Wood, Jason Pitt, Derrick Diamond, Patrick Bateman, Ryan Rockford, Mason Alexander, Cody Carter, Cidd Pierce, Austin Grant, Josh Griffin, Dayton O’Connor and Jason Crysta.

It's available on JetSetMen.TV.


 MARCUS GOT MOJO The Marcus Steele collectors edition (North Hollywood, CA)- Jet Set Men announces the release of  This spectacular assortment of this undeniable southern muscle god’s work is nothing short of incredible and is a “must have” according to reviewers and fans. Marcus Steele is pure sex with his hot southern accent, perfect chiseled body, gorgeous looks and also possessing the ability to take on any versatile role that comes his way is like the perfect storm in porn. Steele has proven with his stand out sweaty performances in  why he is a superstar and having sex on camera is just how he likes it. . Marcus Steele’s mouth watering persona really sets its off while he has worked with some of the industry greats. Steele’s insatiable appetite for sex is evident and we all bare witness to this southern boy going from a dirty mechanic who’s using his head for business to showing what life is like off the football field. “Marcus Got Mojo” is a pornfisanotos dream with a performer like Marcus Steele being in his rightful element with man on man action. Steele is that guy that with just a look or glance you know you are getting a southern experience like no other and you want to find out why that southern mojo is so good. MARCUS GOT MOJO Starring Jet Set Men Exclusives Marcus Steele and 13 Muscle Men 8 XXX Scenes The Southern Mojo “Marcus Got Mojo” is distributed by Marina Pacific and is now available on DVD, Download to Own and Pay Per View on