Private Media Expands Agreement With France's 'Free' IPTV

BARCELONA —  Private Media Group today announced that it has inked an expanded agreement with Free, its long-time IPTV partner and French ISP.

Under the terms of the agreement, Private’s content is now live on the Free platform in the “Hot Video Store” VOD shop of Hot Video magazine, a popular adult magazine in France.

Private said by leveraging Free’s distribution platform that includes free-to-air TV channels, PVR and catch-up services, along with its extensive user base, it will have 100 percent coverage throughout France with terms that will continue to significantly improve revenue generation through increased exposure and premier positioning.

Private CEO and chairman Berth Milton said, “We have enjoyed a long, prosperous relationship with Free helping further strengthen our position throughout France as the leading adult brand and choice for consumers."

He added, "Combining Free’s comprehensive platform and loyal user base with Private’s high-quality content and strong brand recognition, we expect this expanded agreement will generate substantial profit going forward.”