OrbitalPay, Video Secrets Host Mixer at the Phoenix Forum

CALABASAS, Calif. — OrbitalPay and Video Secrets have teamed up to host “The Suite Life: Champagne and Shots” at the upcoming Phoenix Forum.

The networking event will toast attendees inside the Tempe Mission Palms Suite 2041 on Thursday, March 31 starting at 9 p.m.

The event is open to all show attendees and gives them a chance to unwind after the first day of show activities. Guests will enjoy an open bar compliments of OrbitalPay and Video Secrets.

Billing company OrbitalPay said it is pleased to team up with Video Secrets.

"We are delighted and extremely proud to co-sponsor this event with our business partner and dear friends Video Secrets," said Steve Bryson, chairman and founder of OrbitalPay.

"After 12 years of a deep and lasting friendship and many millions of dollars in processing, OrbitalPay and Video Secrets continue to redefine the way we do business and the meaning of success. We continually renew our pledge of solidarity, built on a collective vision and the shared enthusiasm about the future of our industry. We look forward to a wonderful event at the 2011 Phoenix Forum, and the opportunity to extend a similar friendship to the adult community as a whole.”

This event gives both companies an opportunity to show their appreciation to fellow industry colleagues and clients with a fun and relaxed environment.

“Sponsoring this event with OrbitalPay was a perfect partnership,” said Brad Estes, manager of operations at Video Secrets.

“We are all so busy in the daily grind that it’s nice to take a moment to give our guests the chance to sit back, relax, network and be catered to. The Phoenix Forum has always been an industry favorite and we look forward to meeting up with everyone there.”

For more information about “The Suite Life: Champagne and Shots” event visit ThePhoenixForum.com.