Cummings' Latest Venture Uses MyPhoneSite

SAN DIEGO — Male porn star Dave Cummings, one of the adult industry’s few senior citizen performers, is starting to use a new VoIP phone chat platform with his latest business venture,

Cummings' new site employs technology developed by, a new service offered by Marc Jarrett, who started in the adult biz by running a phone sex company in 1994.

"When the Internet came along, I focused on phone billing for web content," Jarrett told XBIZ. "But now I am going back to my roots ... premium phone chat reloaded, if you will."

MyPhoneSite allows anyone to create their own pay-per-minute phone website, Jarrett said.

The resulting SEO-friendly websites, he said, feature built-in web stores to sell both tangible and digital goods, status icon, message system, per-minute billing rate, image hosting, video hosting and a personal blog.

"International outbound calling means that operators can register from virtually anywhere in the world and our VoIP system will connect to them," he said. "Currently it's U.S. to everywhere. 

Jarrett said that there are more developments in store with MyPhoneSite, including tools that will allow customers from outside the U.S. to connect to operators worldwide. Other developments include adapting the pay-per-minute billing mechanism to grant access to paysites on a per-minute basis.

"We also are working on a conference option that would allow group conference calls," he said. "This would work especially well with porn stars who have a following.

"I feel that the phone represents a great opportunity for models to connect with their fans in a back-to-basics way, that the Internet does not provide. The telephone remains an
inherently more intimate medium than its online cousin in my opinion.

"Such a product makes for a great cross-pollination opportunity with cams."

Cummings, with his website, says he's offering private consultations on a per-minute basis to callers interested in making their own amateur videos, getting into the porn industry or asking about or talking about porn-related matters, sex and relationships and swinging.

“I was constantly getting people asking me for advice” Cummings said. “Now I have a platform from which I can give private phone consultations and be paid on a per-minute basis for the privilege. Time is money in this industry, just like any other."

Cummings, 71, says he thinks MyPhoneSite is an old idea brought back to life and that many porn stars that could use the service.

“Sure, webcams are great, but the phone delivers a more intimate form of communication away from all that Internet clutter," he said. "I’m sure that fans would love to connect this way, and that models will be grateful for the extra income it generates." offers a discussion on the product's features that can be seen here.