XR Brands’ CleanStream Adds International Distributors

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — CleanStream, XR Brands’ line of enema-based sex tools, has been picked up by international distributors serving adult retail shops in more than four countries.

The CleanStream collection is a set of 15 enema accessories ranging from disposable applicators to high-end drip bag systems, sectioned into three different economy levels — inexpensive, moderate and premium.

CleanStream now can be ordered from Planet Earth; IT Erotics out of Canada; Mr. B Wholesale in The Netherlands; and at SexToyDistributing.com, Prerogatives and SLS Specialty in the U.S.

“This is the first comprehensive selection of sex tools targeted at anal play to successfully have hit the market, and XR Brands is especially proud to see such a positive response in a short time,” XR Brands Brand Manager Michael Merrill said. “The feedback from the retail side has been phenomenal, with reorders regularly pouring in. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the planet likes CleanStream – especially once we roll out the latest additions!”

Shane Nelson, CEO of U.S. distributor SLS Specialty, said that until CleanStream came to the market there wasn’t a complete line of enema products made to help consumers have the best anal sex experience possible.

“Clean Stream is a product line that contains enema products at all costs that retailers can use as an inexpensive add-on or a more expensive full system for those having anal sex on a regular basis,” Nelson said. “It is a no-brainer for all retail stores to carry all or a large part of the Clean Stream line.”

And in the U.K., Louise Boote of Planet Earth said the range in CleanStream’s lineup is impressive with quality packaging and product diversity that will go down quite well with the distributor’s customers across the pond.

“This type of product is becoming a lot more popular, appealing to people who are starting to experiment and those with a lot of experience,” Boote said. “There is something for everyone and I am sure the range will have great success.”

XR Brands Sales/Marketing Manager Randy Alvstad said the company continues to concentrate on identifying adult product niches that are under-served or unsupported by the industry, which is one reason why CleanStream has taken off so far so fast.

“As adult product consumers become more sophisticated in terms of their sexual awareness and willingness to explore all aspects of human sexuality, anal sex is becoming an integral part of their sex lives,” Alvstad said. “That being the case, we feel it is extremely important to educate and offer products that address the cleanliness issue and thus improve the safety and enjoyment of the experience.”

For more information about the product line, visit CleanStreamGear.com or email Merrill at michael@xrbrands.com.