Castle Megastore Rolls Out Revamped Retail Website

TEMPE, Ariz. — Castle Megastore has launched its revamped retail website, which has been updated with many user-friendly, social networking features.

Castle Megastore’s newly rolled out ecommerce division is headed up by Castle Megastore Marketing Director Jasen Bartlett and joined by Keith K., the company’s social media specialist.

Bartlett told XBIZ that the objective for the new site, as with all of Castle’s social media involvement, is to empower conversations and feedback from consumers.

“We take a direct approach with communicating with our customers and encourage engagement, instead of broadcasting product information and promos,” Bartlett said. “We welcome feedback and like to initiate bi-directional conversations.”

In order to avoid overwhelming visitors, Bartlett said CastleMegastore showcases the “best of the best,” condensing expansive inventory to feature the industry’s top products. now offers unlimited opportunities to connect, share and interact through Twitter and Facebook without having to exit the site.

Bartlett said that with the planned addition of demo videos of every product and educational video blog entries, a special function in the video player allows viewers to pause and comment — via words and video — on specific portions of Castle’s videos.

“We checked out other retail sites and found them to be too busy and intimidating,” Bartlett said. “The new is big on function. It’s soft and friendly for men and women and easy to use, including through a mobile device.”

Bartlett, who is an Internet marketing and local Internet sales strategist with 10 years of experience under his belt, said that it wouldn’t be long until Castle’s product images and demo videos start ranking high on Google.

“We’re making everything clean, searchable and easy-to-find,” Bartlett said.

The website’s design is simplified and mobile-ready with video resolution that’s perfect for the iPad, Bartlett added.

CastleMegastore.comalso heavily promotes its brick-and-mortar locations through a store locator section that includes corresponding photos and event listings. In-store events also are captured with images featured in the News and Media section.

The site also features a chat function allowing online shoppers to connect and ask questions with Castle staff and Castle TV is set to start streaming of live in-store events.

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