Corbin Fisher Identifies PornILove Pirate

SAN DIEGO — Corbin Fisher has filed an amended copyright infringement complaint against a PornILove pirate, who Randazza has now named and identified as Corey Debarros of Miami, Fla.

Attorney Randazza told XBIZ that he obtained his name after receiving relevant IP addresses from various Internet service providers.

“After a long quest, we think we’ve got him,” Randazza said. “The service provider identified him under that name and we’ve amended the complaint to reflect that.”

Corbin Fisher, whose parent company is Liberty Media Holdings, claims that Debarros “owned, operated, and controlled the website, PornILove blog sites and PornILove Yahoo Group and was responsible for the illegal distribution of the plaintiff’s copyrighted works.”

The suit also names 998 John Does “who acted in concert with Debarros and to commit the acts complained of herein, and in particular, they downloaded and thus copied the plaintiff’s copyrighted works,” the complaint said.

Corbin Fisher, which took control of last September, said that the defendants set up a site, which provided a link to a blog. That blog would provide links to One Click Hosting Sites, where all of the stolen content resided. When surfers signed up for a premium account, made money off the pirated material.

After's initial hosting account was shut down, the site used its Facebook account to direct followers to a new theft host, the company said.

“He’s [Debarros] has been one of the most persistent property infringers I’ve ever seen and doing it for a profit,” Randazza said.

Debarros was unavailable to XBIZ for comment by post time.

The suit is seeking monetary damages and injunctive relief.