DateCamCash Launches Sexlets Male Enhancement Chewing Gum

MELBOURNE, Fla. — has launched its exclusive new male enhancement chewing gum Sexlets.

According to the company, Sexlets is the only natural male enhancement chewing gum of its type and was scientifically formulated by a team of six pharmaceutical and nutraceutical professionals. Sexlet increases libido, stamina and blood flow resulting in increased size and longer, firmer and more powerful erections, with high-quality, all-natural ingredients.

Sexlets is available for promotion to both webmasters, and resellers alike. An innovative licensing program allows for affiliates to re-brand the gum under their brand with the ability to market and distribute worldwide.

Sexlets is fully brandable no matter the size of the company," said Mike M, who handles DateCamCash's marketing and affiliate relations. "We offer different package sizes to accommodate companies both big and small. We are more than happy to work with any company. We are here to make you money."

Sexlets is available for both brick and motor stores and online retailers with flexible pricing structures and the ability to launch with a quantity of product that matches their initial campaign efforts.

“Natural male enhancements are among the hottest selling products in the $26 billion herbal supplement industry,” CEO Daniel Hogue said. “This is a great cross promotion for our affiliates which will make them extra cash while promoting the programs. With an aggressive 40 percent revenue share this product is a hit. We are adding a 'follow-me' up-sell to the properties to help affiliates make additional revenue per sign up."

Mike M said the "Follow Me" upsale is a great way for affiliates to make additional money off a cross sale without additional work.

"If an affiliate refers a member — whether that member is paid or not — that member logs into and is displayed a few ads in the members area — now those ads are still tracked under the referring affiliate," Mike M said. "If that member makes a purchase, the referring affiliate gets the revenue."

DateCamCash affiliates can log into their accounts to access Sexlets promotional tools.

"Sexlets is hugely beneficial to affiliates in many ways," Mike M said. "No matter what kind of site they are promoting, male enhancement chewing gum is a huge money maker and is one-of-a-kind in its market. We are proud to announce that if a affiliate promotes Sexlets he or she gets a whopping 40 percent revenue share, making it extremely easy to pull in a hefty check — not to mention our other high converting sites!"