Helix Studios Launches Video Streaming to Apple TV

SAN DIEGO — Helix Studios announced today that its content can now be streamed from iPads directly to Apple TV.

The company said the new offering works for members with Apple TV 2.0 and the iPad iOS 4.3 upgrade.

“Our tech department has made some minor adjustments to our site that allows the new Apple AirPlay to stream the entire Helix Studios’ 1400 plus video library instantly to our members TVs,” said Helix Studios’ IT Manager Deniz Bilgin.

He explained, “The way it works is surprisingly simple but reminds you of something you would see in a sci-fi movie. You launch Safari on your iPad, or iPad 2, log into your Helix Studios member account and start watching a video. When the video comes up, you will see a little rectangle with arrow shooting out it. That’s your new friend AirPlay. Airplay sends your pictures, audio and video to the Apple TV."

More information from lukas@helixstudios.com.