GVA-TWN Now Offering Miss Chivus’ L’intimate

CLEVELAND — GVA-TWN is now distributing L’intimate, the first product from adult novelty upstart Miss Chivus.

“We know that our customers are always looking for what’s on the cutting edge—what’s next. We believe that Miss Chivus has got it. L’intimate is a new and innovative answer for those who demand discretion,” said Scott Bowman, operations manager at GVA-TWN.

As opposed to vibrators that are made to look like other items, L’intimate is a traditional vibrator hidden inside a conventional-looking adhesive sheet lint roller.

“We are proud to have created a product that really speaks to many women’s shared desire to keep their private pleasures private. It is truly a Miss Chivus product,” said Miss Chivus President and CEO Drew Edwards.

While it is packaged with a high-quality size-compatible vibrator, L’intimate is a storage case large enough to accommodate many traditional vibrators while offering complete discretion. L’intimate offers a way to keep a vibrator clean and protected while it truly “hides in plain sight.”