Vanity Getting Rave Reviews From Retailers; CalExotics Meets Demand

CHINO, Calif. — From coast to coast, adult retailers, including major chains like Castle Megastore and Romantix, are reporting major success with CalExotics’ Vanity by Jopen line of high-end massagers featuring Power Bullet technology.

Al Bloom, CalExotics director of marketing, told XBIZ that the response to the Vanity was immediate.

“In one case, we were told the display was unloaded from the truck in the middle of a snow storm, two women followed the display into the store, and purchased two items before store personnel could even get the display setup,” Bloom said. “This was in one of the Castle stores in Alaska.”

Castle Megastore CEO Mark Franks said that Vanity by Jopen’s launch is further proof of CalExotics’ leading position in the industry.

“Once again California Exotic Novelties has proven that they are the top adult pleasure products company in the world with the launch of a whole new company and product line, Vanity by Jopen,” Franks said. “Jopen is taking a leadership role in the category of high quality, premium priced pleasure products. From the in-store displays to the merchandising, the consumer presentation, and an extended warranty program, this new line is simply a big winner for Castle Megastores!”

Good Vibrations has placed Vanity by Jopen displays in all of its locations, and Coyote Days, the company’s purchasing manager says customers love them — primarily because of their intuitive design made especially from a woman’s point-of-view to create products with functionality and body-pleasing shapes.

“The Vanity by Jopen line has far exceeded our expectations,” Days said. “Each of these high quality vibrators is clearly designed with functionality and interaction with the body in mind.”

Vanity by Jopen is a complete range of 12 stimulating products with unique shapes made of pure silicone and offering strong vibrations powered by Power Bullet.

Labeled as Vr1 thru Vr12, each Vanity item features include a high quality lithium ion rechargeable battery, LED charging indicator light, a unique security travel lock, and intense incremental speed controls. All Vanity items are waterproof and ergonomically designed for the sensual contours of a woman, and feature independent dual motors or synchronous dual vibrating motors plus independent rotation.

Part of Vanity by Jopen’s draw can be attributed to the lustrous in-store display that CalExotics offers. It's pure white with soft and subtle graphics. Each item resides in its own cubbyhole, which has a charging dock and pure white tray. Additionally, the display arrives with a digital picture frame that continuously plays an animation of the 12 items in the Vanity line with a professional voice track that shows and explains the line’s features.

Romantix is a nationwide chain of 55 adult stores in 14 states that is well aware of the power of strong in-store promotion.

“We initially tested this new product line in ten different locations, and the results were impressive,” said Steve Brown, president of the Romantix store chain. “We have now placed displays in 25 stores, and we could not be more pleased with our sales. The combination of high quality products and innovative displays has proven to be a huge success for us and we will continue to add displays and train staff to handle the line.”

Susan Colvin, president of CalExotics added, “We have been placing Vanity displays in retail stores for several months now, and the sales numbers are staggering…the free-standing display is allowing consumers the opportunity to have a hands-on experience. All of the Vanity items are built to last, and a consumer senses that the minute they pick one up and turn it on. These are the finest vibrators on the market today!”

Manassas Video Club Couple’s Boutique has placed Vanity by Jopen products in all of its 11 locations in northern Virginia, and manager Shannon Biggs says women just can’t stop buying them.

“This highly profitable line has surpassed sales of other high end products over the last 30 days and that includes LELO,” Biggs said. “Jopen really has their finger on the pulse of the female consumer — women and couple’s love the line!”

Bloom said that Vanity is the first step in the evolution of a category of luxury items that has been designed for women and couples in the 21st century and beyond to cover all the bases for form, function and fantasy.

“Students of history about the adult novelty industry should know that CEN introduced many ‘firsts’ over the years like rechargeables, waterproof, remote control, solar powered, computer powered and phthalate free,” Bloom said. “Many of these innovations languished on store shelves, and were discontinued for lack of sales. It was years later that all of these innovations found their way back into the business as consumers became more savvy with technology being pushed by producers of mainstream products.

“We are taking a leadership role, and taking the category to the masses through viral marketing and social networking — this company will no longer hold back on ideas that years ago would not's a different market now, so stay tuned and ladies, hold onto your hats!”

Available in the U.S. and Canada, Vanity by Jopen is backed by a one-year warranty, and an optional 10 year replacement guarantee program. When the line first launched additional lead time was needed to make sure each unit was hand built to very strict standards.

“This gave us a slow start while introducing the line,” Bloom said. “We are 100 percent in stock right now, with backup shipments confirmed and scheduled. Retailers should now know we can meet the huge demand being generated. Vanity by Jopen is a hot topic on the social networks, and this ‘conversation’ has driven consumers to the stores!”