DatingGold Adds to Affiliate Program

STOCKTON, Calif. — DatingGold announced today the addition of gay hookup website ManList to its affiliate program.

The company said the program will include revenue share, pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale options.

“We’ve seen ManList grow organically as well as test well for our beta affiliates,” said AK, DatingGold's vice president of sales and marketing.

He added, “In the past couple of months we’ve been making sure we had a program that would convert for our affiliates that fit in with our current dating offers.”

In addition to basic landing pages, DatingGold said ManList offers affiliates the ability to directly link to profiles of active users.

Additional affiliate tools will soon be launched that include mobile and white label versions of the website.

Jeff Rosenberg, gay project manager said, “We waited till we had an active site of members actually communicating to each other before opening this up to all affiliates. The success of a gay dating program working long term is the real member interaction, and we will continue to add features to encourage this.”

Highlights of the website include interactive features with photo rating and comments along with social network features that are slated for the coming months.

Payouts currently being offered are 50/50 revenue share, $1 per-lead and $50 per-sale.

More information from at (209) 477-7676 or at (818) 430-5333.