Paxum Announces New Merchant Tools, Security Upgrades

MONTREAL — Ewallet payment service Paxum Inc. announced updated security and new payment tools today.

The features include pay it now buttons, an instant payment notification feature, recurring subscription transfers and an API enabling users to integrate clients' servers with their Paxum accounts.

"We are constantly evolving with our clients as their diverse needs become known to us." said Paxum CEO, Octav Moise.

He added, "These latest additions are a direct reflection of suggestions made to us by our customers. We are listening with great interest, and responding accordingly. Clients can now add one-click Paxum purchasing on their site and connect those payments to their own automated delivery system for even faster service. This feature is excellent for anyone who sells goods or services online."

In addition the company has implemented new security measures.

These improvements include transaction approval for online transactions, customer reputation that allows clients to view and share customer ratings based on actual client experiences and customer risk rating that lets clients specify which Paxum customers they will do business with based on Paxum's independent internal rating system.

Moise said, "Security is, and always has been, one of our top priorities. We regularly refine and update our procedures and tools so that we can continuously provide a safe secure service that everyone can enjoy."

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