Vivid's Jackie Martin Launches Celebrity Blog

LOS ANGELES — In yet another example of mainstream media's love affair with porn, Vivid Entertainment announced today that spokesperson Jackie Martin has launched a new blog on celebrity news and gossip site HollywoodLife.

Martin’s inaugural piece talks about how fan voyeurism helps the public get its celebrity “fix” and celebrities skate free even after their private sex tapes get a public airing.

"Celebrity sex tapes are the ultimate voyeuristic high. They let us watch people we know and care about — in the most intimate of situations. Who can really look away? Celebrities having wild and enthusiastic sex has helped make 'public' sex more acceptable for the rest of us — at least to watch. And the more celebrities do it, the fewer consequences they face in their own lives," Martin wrote.

The Vivid insider noted that "it certainly didn't hurt her career" after Pam Anderson starred in "Pam and Tommy Lee Hardcore and Uncensored," an early celebrity sex tape released in 1998.

She went on to write that Kim Kardashian was "just fine" after she romped with Ray J in "Kim K Superstar," as it was for Kendra Wilkinson following "Kendra Exposed." and presumably will be for Tila Tequila, star of the just-released lesbian tape, "Tila Tequila Uncorked."

Martin wrote, "Here's the thrill, with these sneak peeks, we can decide: Do they do it better? What positions do they prefer? Do they look as good naked as they do on the red carper? Then, there's this — the candid-camera nature of these tapes almost always enables the celebrities to shrug off what at one time might have been an embarrassing revelation. Most of the time, it was never their intention to leak their tapes. But once they are out, there isn't much they can do about them. The public gets its own celebrity fix — and even becomes a bit more sympathetic to the celebrity caught as an accidental bedroom star."

Quoting Vivid founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch, Martin said, "We're careful about which celebrity sex tapes we choose to distribute. These movies have appeal across several demographics and with both men and women, so we want to choose personalities that have a substantial fan base.”