Android Apps Found to Have Malware

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Google has pulled 21 malware apps from the Android Market.

Google said the popular free apps are malware that gather a wide range of available data by targeting the root access of the user's device and downloading more code to it without the user’s knowledge.

After being notified, Google removed the apps, but not before they were already downloaded by at least 50,000 Android users.

Once downloaded, the apps root the user's device using a method like rageagainstthecage, then use an Android executable file (APK) to nab user and device data, such as the user's mobile provider and user ID. Finally, the app acts as a wide-open backdoor for the device to quietly download more malicious code.

These apps are all pirated versions of popular games and utilities. Some of the bad apps include Falling Down, Super Guitar Solo, Super History Eraser, Photo Editor, Super Ringtone Maker, Super Sex Positions, Hot Sexy Videos, Chess, Hilton Sex Sound, Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls, Falling Ball Dodge, Scientific Calculator, Dice Roller, Advanced Currency Converter, APP Uninstaller, Funny Paint and Spider Man.

These malware apps were made by an entity called Myournet.