Exquisite Films Skips VOD for 'Justice League' to Help Retailers

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — In an effort to support retailers and distributors hurt by VOD sales and online piracy, Exquisite Films announced today that it will only release its Extreme Comixxx’s “The Justice League XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody” on DVD.

The movie's DVD and Blu-ray disc will street on Mar. 22 followed by a later broadcast release.

The company also said it is employing the Takedown Piracy (TDP) service to police the Internet for illegal copies of the movie.

Exquisite Films owner Jerry said, “While we see the value in VOD, the bottom line is it makes piracy of content easier and hurts adult retailers. ‘The Justice League XXX’ is going to provide consumers with fun, original porn they want to own, so we are committed to doing everything possible to ensure they go to stores and websites to purchase it. Helping us in our crusade is our own superhero, Nate Glass of Takedown Piracy.”

According to TDP, the company has removed more than 1.6 million content infringements since 2009 and closely monitors 200 piracy websites.

TDP owner Glass said, “Exquisite Films made the first step in combating piracy by creating feature content consumers want to own and restricting the release to home media."

He added, “Takedown Piracy picks up where they left off, tracking all the ways the movie might be pirated and removing copyright infringements before they are able to spread. There’s still a bright future ahead for the adult industry, but we have to work together to get there.”

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