Paris Hilton 'Hotel Heiress' Sex Tape Goes Mobile

LOS ANGELES — XPays and Webmaster Central announced today that the Paris Hilton "Hotel Heiress" sex tape is now available for mobile distribution.

The company said the tape is the most watched sex video in Internet history and until now was only available on DVD.

The mobile application works with every smart phone, tablet (including the Apple iPad) and Sony Playstation.

Andy Alvarez, president of Webmaster Central said, ”Webmasters who lease the content will immediately see an increase in traffic and retention due to the thousands of new avenues available to them for viewing."

He added, "Webmasters are always surprised by the high consumption rate the video still has. XPays and Webmaster Central both are confident that the new technology will spark a resurgence in the popularity of the video."

To lease the video contact or