Gamma’s LiveBucks Offering Double Payouts for White Label Sites

MONTREAL — Gamma Entertainment announced today that it is offering affiliates double payouts on all of its LiveBucks webcam white label sites in March and April.

The company said that the promotion will begin Mar. 1 and run through Apr. 30.

LiveBucks affiliates who request a white label cam site will receive double payouts on all sales they generate during the month.

Existing white label partners will earn double payouts on all of their site’s sales that exceed their previous month’s totals.

“Offering double payouts is our way of saying thank you to our current white label partners and extending an open invitation for anyone new to try us out,” said LiveBucks marketing manager Sabrina Miller.

“We will run this promo until the end of April 2011, so affiliates can also earn double payouts for white label sales that exceed their March totals,” said LiveBucks sales manager Jake Ozegovic.

He added, “This gives all of our affiliates the opportunity to take home two months worth of 100 percent bonus payouts.”

The white label cam sites are available for all affiliates across the Gamma Affiliate Network, including FameDollars, Next Door Buddy Profits and PornAccess.

Gamma affiliates are encouraged to request a white label directly through their Gamma accounts or by contacting their account managers.

For more information and to request a white label visit LiveBucks White Label or contact or Twitter @GammaLiveBucks or Twitter @GammaLiveJake.