Private Sues Tube Sites,

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Private Media Group filed suit Thursday against two of the largest adult  tube sites — and — claiming its operator is illegally streaming 75 of its videos.

YoungTek Solutions Ltd., which owns the pair of tube sites named in the suit, is a Cyprus-based company that also was sued last year by adult company Corbin Fisher, which claims 104 videos were been poached for Earlier this month, the Corbin Fisher suit was settled and the complaint was dismissed.

Private's copyright suit, filed at U.S. District Court in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, names as defendants YoungTek and 100 John Does, as well as 100 John Doe companies, presumably YoungTek's business partners or advertisers. It seeks $150,000 for each alleged infringement, as well as an injunction among other forms of relief.

Private says that the tube sites are powerhouses in the biz, with attracting 1.5 million surfers a day and attracting 3 million, and that YoungTek generates "annual revenue estimated in tens of millions of dollars."

"The pervasive and intense online infringement is nearly crippling the adult entertainment industry, providing unfettered, unregulated, free access to copyrighted works originally produced by reputable businesses and persons," the suit says.

"YoungTek Solutions Ltd. has actual knowledge and clear notice of this extensive infringement of [Private's] titles," the suit says. "The infringement is clear and obvious even to the most naïve observer. [YoungTek's' and other major producers trademarks are used to index infringing material, which is evidence of knowledge and intent."

Private, through its Fraserside Holdings unit, says that it noticed the alleged infringement this month after an initial search revealed and documented hundreds of separate instances of copyright infringement.

Private said that included numerous films from its catalog, including "Anal Mermaids," "Caribbean Vacation," "Cleopatra," "Fatal Orchid," "From Behind Is OK," "Gladiator," "Guns and Rough Sex," "House of Love," "Ibiza Sex Party 5," "Lady of the Rings," "Lust Treasures No. 5," "Lust Treasures No. 8," "Lust Treasures No. 9," "Millionaire," "Millionaire II," "Paintball Warriors," "Paradise Island," "Pornolympics," "Porn Wars," "Sex Thriller," "Tenerife," and "Private Gold No. 106.", meanwhile, is accused of streaming "Private Gold No. 34," "Private Xtreme No. 07 — Body Shock," "Private Xtreme No. 10 — Hole in One," "Cleopatra," "Ibeza Sex Party 5," "Lady of the Rings," "Taste of Pleasure," "Tenerife" and "Your Time Is Up."

XBIZ was unable to immediately reach officials at both YoungTek and Private for comment on Friday.