AEBN Releases RealTouch Content Development Kit

CHARLOTTE, NC — AEBN announced today that it is opening up its RealTouch video content standard with the release of the RealTouch Content Developer Kit (CDK) — the first step in allowing software developers to create applications for the haptic device.

The company said the Kit allows users and content providers to enhance the RealTouch haptic movie experience.

CDK features sample code, a sample video, script files and sample executables that demonstrate how to encode video content for RealTouch in order to enhance the simulated warmth, moistness and relative motion in thousands of adult videos.

"This is part of the goal of the RealTouch team to foster the development of a community and a content standard for haptically-enhanced content and software," said director of sales and marketing Scott Rinaldo.

He added, "We believe there is a bright future ahead for the RealTouch product line and that growing a community and making this technology available for other developers is how we'll arrive there."

AEBN said that developers who have a commercial product they would like to RealTouch-enhance should contact

A support forum for help with content encoding projects is available here .

To download the Content Development Kit click here.