AEBN Adds New Payment Options for French, Italian Markets

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — AEBN has expanded its international reach through its partnership with European merchant services company Webbilling and now offers direct debit payment options for French and Italian customers.

AEBN said it has long recognized the differences between the U.S. and European markets, and the company has continued to seek new ways to better convert for its global affiliates.

"We knew a payment choice that was more in line with the way Europeans conduct online purchases was needed to better support our affiliates with international traffic," AEBN's Jerry Anders said.

"With the help of Webbilling we've been able to add a direct debit option, which does just that."

Since much of the European population does not use credit cards for online purchases, AEBN has worked to secure non-card solutions so that international webmasters can now capitalize on their European traffic.

"We are excited to begin adding several countries to our direct debit capability throughout 2011, beginning with the prime French market," said Ines Petersen, Webbilling's global operations director.

"Expanding our reach and coverage to enable AEBN affiliates to convert all of their E.U. traffic improves results for everyone."

Affiliate webmasters can now convert virtually all AEBN traffic sent in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and France.