Tube Site Is Sued

PHOENIX — has been hit with a copyright infringement suit by adult entertainment company Corbin Fisher, which claims the tube site is rife with poached videos.

Corbin Fisher in the suit said that it found three copies of its movies shared on the site — "Cory Fucks Lucas," "Cory Fucks Dawson" and "Cain Fucks Travis" — which subjects surfers to embedded advertising prior to the clip., which is free to join, also posts links to where members paying up to $112 a year can download the videos as well.

"The sole type of works available on the website appear to be copyrighted videos," Corbin Fisher said in its complaint. "These videos are stolen from a number of adult entertainment companies, including plaintiff.

" nor the individual viewing the pirated material pays anything to the actual copyright owner of the pirated materials." is owned and operated by Gustavo Paladeski who, along with 100 John Does, is named in the suit, filed Thursday at U.S. District Court in Phoenix. Paledeski is listed as a foreign operator.

The site is billed as the "No. 1 in Brazil for gay porn videos."