CalExotics Adds to COLT Icon Series

CHINO, Calif. — The COLT Icon series from CalExotics has been expanded to include life-like reproductions of classic performers Pete Kuzak and Jake Tanner.

"COLT stands for a healthy appreciation of male sexuality," said Susan Colvin, CalExotics president and founder. "These are superstars that men (and women) admire. The COLT stars bring a unique aesthetic to our diverse range of CalExotics products."

Each COLT Icon reproduction is made with CalExotics’ Better-Than-Real Plus material and features a suction cup base.

"These instantly-recognizable COLT performers have fueled the sexual imaginations of fans around the world," said Jackie White, CalExotics vice president of sales. "With amazing Better-Than-Real Plus material, we can offer our customers the experience they've dreamed about. But, this time, they get to direct all the action!"

CalExotics also has expanded its COLT collection to include COLT Power Drill Balls, which are a series of graduated, ribbed silicone beads along a firm, yet pliable 10.75" shaft.

"You can't miss by stocking COLT branded products from CalExotics," Colvin said. "Iconic COLT images represent a brand that customers know and a style that they aspire to."