BzzzBuddies Showcased in G4’s ‘AEE 2011’ TV Special

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — BzzzBuddies make an appearance on cable network G4 TV’s special coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo 2011.

Chanel Preston, one of the adult industry’s newest stars, shows off BzzzBuddies in the special. She says, “BzzzBuddies are amazing! They are compact enough to carry in my purse, but cute enough discretion is not needed. I want to show them off to everyone! Good thing I started off with all four BzzzBuddies because my girlfriends keep trying to steal them. Even G4’s Blair [Herter] was trying to take them. Frisky is my favorite, so as long as I have her, I’m happy.”

In G4’s coverage of BzzzBuddies, host Blair Herter bantered with Preston and showed off his knowledge about BzzzBuddies. Desiring to collect all the popular massagers, Herter said, “Frisky is super rare. Can I trade you Shivers or Paws for it?”

“AEE 11” guides viewers through the maze of booths and information to profile the biggest and most notable areas of the adult expo.

The special features expert commentary on the most provocative novelty items, upcoming gadgets and gizmos, as well as profiles and interviews with key industry players and popular adult entertainment personalities. The special airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET, as part of G4’s anti-Valentine’s Day.

BzzzBuddies™ are TME Products’ debut line of personal massagers. The doe-eyed, Anime inspired BzzzBuddies come in four cute, collectible characters: Pandy, Paws, Frisky and Shivers, and are phthalate free and waterproof.