FleshDrive Releases 8GB, 16GB Drives

NEW YORK — USB flash drive company FleshDrive has released 8GB and 16GB drives, increasing the amount of porn users can fit in the palm of their hand.

The company said the 8GB drives can hold more than 40 scenes equaling to about 10 hours of porn. The 16GB drive will hold more than 80 scenes tallying about 20 hours of porn.

“We are very excited to expand our line each and everyday, not only do we have bigger drives on the way we also just signed on six new studios," said Michael Gruosso, vice president of sales.

He said as FleshDrive continues to grow, so does the market for new innovative ways to make a profit and store owners have a new product to introduce to their customers.

“Our new 8GB drives and 16GB drives will allow the traveling business man to easily bring enough content with him to supply his entire trip," Gruosso said.

"FleshDrive will have much more in the coming year to feed all of the worlds porn appetites."

For wholesale inquiries contact Mike Gruosso at Mike@FleshDrive.com.