FameDollars Launches LowArtFilms

MONTREAL — FameDollars has announced the launch of LowArtFilms.com, a new site that emblazons the synergy of art and porn.

The new site is directed by Oren Cohen who said he wanted his own unique vision and personal standards to reflect his work and raise the bar of which the industry should follow.

''This really is a unique type of site,” said Magalie Rheault, director of product and development.

“The content is very special and artistic. Oren Cohen really knows how to take shocking images and play with lights, contrasts and bring new element into the movies. It's one-of-a-kind and a great addition to the Famedollars' ensemble.''

Promo tools are available here and for any custom request, contact Derrick Gilbert at derrick@famedollars.com.