Baci Lingerie Unveils New Dream Costume Line

MIAMI — Baci Lingerie announced today the launch of Dreams by Baci Lingerie, its new costume collection.

The company said this new costume line will feature a price point that can be sold all 12 months a year and includes video and photo shoots that take place in real locations designed to tell a story.

The video can be seen here.

Baci Lingerie will officially debut the costume collection worldwide at the International Lingerie Show taking place in Las Vegas, March 28-30.

Baci Lingerie said it invested more than $3 million for the video and photo production.

“As the main sponsor of the International Lingerie show we felt that this is the perfect platform for us to debut Dreams by Baci Lingerie and display it to the world,” Baci Lingerie’s COO Robert Rosen said.

He said Dreams by Baci Lingerie will include 150 styles of lingerie costumes that were designed to create a world of fantasy and desire around the collection.

Dreams by Baci Lingerie was shot on-site in real locations as opposed to inserting a wallpaper background.

“We designed this collection around the ability to sell costume all 12 months a year,” Rosen said.

“We wanted to provide retailers the ability to provide pure top selling costumes all year round and that do not focus on just Halloween sales which are only good two months a year. We have most of our partners outside of the U.S. and are selling already to more than 12,700 stores that Halloween is not a big focus.”

The company said Dreams by Baci Lingerie offers three images on the packaging. The front cover is an image shot that will tell a story and create a fantasy. The back cover will provide two images of the front and back of each costume.

“We are pushing the envelope each day to create something that no other company or brand has, Rosen said.

“Dreams by Baci Lingerie will be presented whereby each of the 150 piece collection was shot so that each style had their own setting with front and back pictures and in video format to create that world of fantasy and desire. A total of 450 pictures and 150 videos will debut with this collection. No other company in the world is has gone as far as Baci Lingerie in a costume photo shoot.

"One example, we rented a real live Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet for just three airline stewardess styles along with three floors in a live hospital and authentic old school houses in France and Germany to bring this collection of fantasy to reality. All this is of course for a revolutionary price point which is always the concept and philosophy behind Baci Lingerie.”

The company said it is looking forward to meeting new partners and developing new relationships at the International Lingerie Show Las Vegas in March 2011.

Additionally, Baci Lingerie also has a mono brand store concept. For more information, email