Invites Pro Doms, Industry Professionals to Wholesale Program

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — has opened its entire product lineup to industry professionals, including directors, sex therapists and those in the pro dom community.

This allows members to purchase fetish apparel and sex equipment from SexToyDistributing’s warehouse of more than 3,000 items direct at wholesale rates.

“As quality tools and supplies are to a mechanic, fetish gear and sex toys are mandatory for the day-to-day operations of dominatrices, directors and other professionals in the adult space,” representative Beth Brown said. “This allows them to buy direct and within a higher profitability range.”

According to the company, and its parent company’s rapid growth within the adult retail space has allowed the distributor to broaden its target demographic and, in turn, growing the company’s community reach.

“Pro doms will now have competent support on, and direct access to, reasonably priced equipment, allowing their focus and energy to remain on their clients,” Brown said.

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