PussyCash Offering ImLive, Sexier.com Payouts for February

LOS ANGELES — Adult affiliate program PussyCash announced today that it is offering payouts for ImLive and Sexier.com signups for the month of February.

“Affiliates can convert their traffic to ImLive.com or ImLive.com mobile and get an easy $100 for every signup sent. When they hit their first goal they will earn bigger money with $150 for signups above and beyond the first goal until they reach their second goal where they earn even better money of $200 for every signup above and beyond,” said Yuval Kijel, vice president of sales and marketing.

The February promotion is open all PussyCash affiliates, veteran and new webmasters alike.

“It doesn’t matter if webmasters convert traffic to ImLive.com web or ImLive.com mobile, all signups count toward making their goal and making more money,” affiliate manager Adam Scheuer said.

He added, “And when you promote the world's hottest video chat community with over 23,000,000 members and 45,000 plus amateurs available in every niche and sub-niche to convert traffic 24/7 — those sweet $200 payouts are as good as yours.”

PussyCash also announced that sign-ups sent to Sexier.com will receive $125.

“We have up’d the ante again with $125 payouts for every Sexier sign-up; no minimums and no targets. Affiliates can really cash-in given that their traffic is in Valentine’s Day heat. Plus with every $125 signup affiliates make they’ll get another ticket toward winning a 2011 Mini S Cooper worth over $20,000,” Kijel said.

The company added that the Partners Sexier program is featuring a $25 Sweetheart Bonus that could earn webmasters up to $150 for every February signup.

“For webmasters who haven't sent signups to Sexier.com in a while or are new to Partners Sexier, they have an opportunity to get an extra $25 with every convert (rule and regulations apply). Simply send four signups and receive an additional $25 for every signup starting from the first; meaning they can get $150 for every signup sent — the most ever paid for Sexier signup to date,” said Jorge, Partners Sexier affiliate representative.

More information from PussyCash and Sexier.com.