German Study Notes DIRECTebanking’s Growth

GAUTING, Germany — The E-Payment Barometer, a study in payment methods in Germany carried out in December by the ibi Research Group at the University of Regensburg, has quantified the growing utilization of DIRECTebanking’s alternative payment methods.

According to the report, 31 percent of all traders who report up to 500,000 euros of annual turnover use Of the larger traders who register more than 500,000 euros of annual turnover, 36 percent use the services of

The company said that similar results were reported in the EuPD/PayPal study in October.

According to ibi, also can reckon with a strong growth rate in the future. Another 16 percent of the smaller traders and 17 percent of all larger traders plan to offer in the future, and it can be projected that these percentages will increase to 14 percent and 22 percent with the projected stronger growth rate.

“This outstanding result emphasizes the necessity of our alternative payment methods for any business plan,” said Sascha Winkler, executive director of strategy. “Our customers and partners work much more profitable by responding and adapting to regional needs and habits. For any international business, not offering sofortü would be like not accepting EUR currency.”

Payment Network AG said it would react to the demand within the first half of 2011 with its own product for purchasing on invoice, including payment guarantee and fast resource availability.

"We are enthusiastic about the development of Payment Network AG,” said Christoph Klein, Payment Network founder and CEO. “In only five years we have created an enterprise which has reached a leading position amongst direct transfer procedure suppliers with a team of about 70 employees, with over 15,000 partners, and more than 1 million transactions per month. The push in innovations and adjustment to the customer requirement for e-commerce has continued apace. I would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank my highly qualified employees as well as our long-standing partners.”

The Payment Network AG payment systems,, and the online verification system all offer innovative products for the secure purchasing of goods and digital equipment on the Internet.