Adultmoda's Growth Continues With Increase in Volume

LONDON — Mobile advertising network Adultmoda has reported its growth is continuing with an increase in volume.

Adultmoda and Admoda (Adultmoda’s non-adult partner ad network) said they are topping 8 billion ads per month.

The ad networks have also announced that from now on, they will be referring to the traffic levels for each network separately.

The current split is 50/50 across both networks. Adultmoda is currently running 4 billion mobile ads per month — with the majority of the growth coming from key markets such as the U.S. and Western Europe.

Adultmoda and Admoda have previously referred to their traffic levels collectively simply because many clients use both ad networks. However, Adultmoda is continuing to see a growing number of web-based adult companies launching mobile products that clearly want to use Adultmoda’s adult service.

Adultmoda said that becuase it is an adult mobile ad network, and always has been since its launch in 2006, it makes sense to begin referring to their figures separately.

Adultmoda was launched almost five years ago and advertisers can pay per click for highly targeted adult mobile traffic.

Publishers can run Adultmoda ads on their mobile sites/apps and receive industry leading payouts on every click.

Adultmoda, which offers premium traffic with high volume and a set of targeting options, said it handpicks its publishers to ensure the traffic advertisers buy is of the highest quality.