Hefner Confirms Uncensored Playboy on iPad in March

CYBERSPACE — Playboy founder Hugh Hefner confirmed on Twitter that the entire uncensored catalog of Playboy magazines including new issues will become available on Apple’s iPad in March.

The announcement comes as a major surprise considering Apple’s continued no porn policy.

Although Playboy currently has an available iPhone app, there’s no full frontal nudity — which begs the question as to how Hefner convinced Apple to allow the magazine’s nude content.

Apple chairman Steve Jobs made it clear last April that there would be no porn allowed on the iOS platform.

Speculation is that Hefner and Playboy may have somehow convinced Apple to add new measures to protect minors from accessing the magazine’s content.

But the move could open a floodgate of questions and complaints from the adult industry that’s been stymied by the Apple porn block.