Zero Tolerance Announces Series of Parody Releases

LOS ANGELES — Zero Tolerance Entertainment has announced a series of major parody releases for the year that includes both comedies and thrillers.

The production company will be also be unveiling new editions of fan favorites such Mike Quasar’s "Girlvana" series. Zero Tolerance will kick off the year with the release of the “Official Silence of the Lambs Parody" in February.

The complete list of what the company has billed as its "blockbuster releases" includes “Official Silence of the Lambs Parody," “Official Modern Family Parody" and “Girlvana 6” in the first quarter of the year; “Official Scream Parody," “Official Hangover Parody" and “Official Nightmare on Elm Street Parody” in the second quarter; and “Official Dexter Parody” and the “Official Fantasy Island Parody” during the third quarter.