Exxxtacy Phoenix Venue Contract Canceled in October

PHOENIX — Exxxtacy Phoenix, which was slated for late March at the Phoenix Convention Center, has found itself homeless like its Chicago show.

XBIZ has learned that the inaugural show at the Phoenix Convention Center was cancelled in October, but Exxxtacy's operator, Mike Wittenburg, says his company is still trying to negotiate with Phoenix Convention Center officials to put it on.

The latest news puts Exxxtacy's two franchises, both without a home, in peril.

Its Chicago show scheduled for July was bumped by Exxxotica, which last week announced it took over the venue on the same dates.

Wittenburg told XBIZ that he's still trying to work out a Chicago show, as well as one in Phoenix. But in the case of Phoenix, he says he has had trouble getting Convention Center officials to allow some of the show's risque-ness.

"The event is still going on," Wittenburg told XBIZ. "There could be a change of venue, and we are trying to finalize something.

"I've had a problem with [Phoenix Convention Center officials] over the content. Obviously there is a stigma with them about adult," said Wittenburg, who noted he's still in talks with the Phoenix Convention Center.

However, Phoenix Convention Center spokeswoman Cynthia Weaver told XBIZ she did not know about any continuing dialogue between Exxxtacy and Convention Center officials, commenting, "The event is not taking place at the Phoenix Convention Center; the contract was not executed in October 2010."

Exxxtacy debuted last year to much fanfare in Chicago and was scheduled to take place at the same convention center on the same dates this year.

Because of the enormous success of the show, Wittenburg added Exxxtacy Phoenix, planning to lease up to 40,000 square feet in the South Hall at the government-run facility in downtown Phoenix.

J Handy, who operates Exxxotica through its parent company Victory Tradeshow Management, told XBIZ that the cancellation of the Phoenix venue and perhaps the show in its entirety is not good news for the adult consumer fan show industry, which is primarily lead by Exxxotica and Adultcon.

Nor is it pleasant news for its sponsors, who chuck in tens of thousands of dollars to get their brands exposed.

"It's funny, because at Exxxotica we want every adult event to succeed — it behooves to do so," he said.

Handy said that the Phoenix market would be a good one for an adult consumer fan show because it is one of the Top 20 cities in the nation.

"A show there would be viable if done correctly," said Handy, noting he would take a pass on Phoenix only because he already has four under his belt in Miami, New Jersey, Los Angeles and now Chicago. .