Eros Sponsors XBIZ Retail, Presents 1st-Ever Eros Award

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ is pleased to announce Australia’s premier trade association Eros as a supporting sponsor of the inaugural XBIZ Retail Expo, and in another industry first, the organization will present the first-ever Eros Progressive Business Award at the highly anticipated 2011 XBIZ Awards.

“Despite Australia's apparent laid back attitude to doing business, the adult industry in Australia is set amongst one of the most complicated and challenging regulatory schemes in the western world,” Eros Executive Officer Fiona Patten said. “Product that is legal in one jurisdiction is not legal in another and product that is produced at home may be illegal to import or download. With no First Amendment for traders to rely on and a constantly changing official classification scheme, Eros has come up with some unique strategies over the years to keep the wolf from the door.

“Joining with XBIZ as a sponsor for their Retail Expo allows us to share our experiences with an adult media organization committed to a more worldly view on our industry, as well as learning more about 'bedroom politics' from the rich list of industry experts attending. In this 21st century it is crucial that our industry works together globally and we are grateful to have the opportunity to do this with XBIZ.”

Patten went on to say that the adult business operators in Australia must not only be skilled in their trade, but the politics of their business as well.

“This calls for adult operators with sales skills and a stomach for political confrontation. Our award goes to that adult industry player who has best combined these two elements,” Patten said. “An adult industry trader who has been prepared to combine the greater good of the industry, with their own profit-making. Our award recognizes a trader who thinks beyond the square and beyond the sphere. It’s an award with a world view on local profits.”

Established in 1992, the Eros Association is Australia's national adult retail and entertainment association, which unifies its members and lobbies government with the goal of bringing logical and popular perspectives to sex rather than moral or religious ones.

“Free speech is vital to the strength and prosperity of our industry in the U.S. and abroad and XBIZ is dedicated to empowering those fighting for its endurance,” XBIZ President and Publisher Alec Helmy said. “We commend Eros’ passionate efforts in protecting the rights of adult entertainment companies and are very pleased to be adding the Eros Progressive Business Award to our annual awards show.”

The 2011 XBIZ Retail Expo is set for Feb. 9-11 at the Sofitel Hotel, with three days of unparalleled seminars, keynotes and an exhibition hall showcasing the latest adult products from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

The 2011 XBIZ Awards is the industry’s biggest business-to-business awards show planned for Feb. 9 at the legendary Hollywood Palladium.