CommerceGate Nominated for 2 XBIZ Awards

LOS ANGELES — International payment solution provider CommerceGate has received two nominations for the XBIZ Awards set for Feb. 9 at the Hollywood Palladium.

The nominations include Billing Company of the Year – IPSP for CommerceGate SegPay and Billing Company of the Year - Merchant Services for CommerceGate DHD Media.

CommerceGate formed a strategic alliance with DHD Media of Los Angeles and SegPay of Miami in 2008 and since then, have brought the companies together under the CommerceGate brand umbrella, maximizing synergy and flexibility in the payment processing solutions they offer to clients both in the United States and Europe.

CommerceGate, DHD Media and SegPay won the special XBIZ “Strategic Partnership of the Year” award in 2009 and all three companies have also had several nominations in the online billing award categories over the past few years. The CommerceGate companies have been expanding rapidly both in the U.S. and Europe, and today have one of the most dynamic payment processing offerings on the market.

“We are very excited that the industry recognizes us as a leading provider both in the IPSP and Merchant Services fields. Over the past two years we have worked diligently to bring together the strengths of CommerceGate, DHD Media and SegPay to create a one-stop shop for all payment processing needs, both in the U.S. and Europe, and I think these two nominations show we have succeeded," said Bjorn Skarlen, CEO of CommerceGate.

CommerceGate is a leading online payment processing provider offering unique value added services and tools for merchants to succeed both locally and globally through their CommerceGate, DHD Media and SegPay platforms. In just a matter of days, merchants can be fully integrated with a payment platform that fits their needs with the dedicated service, throughput, security and ease of use that has been the recipe for CommerceGate’s success and rapid growth during the past five years.

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