XGen Products Debuts Sexual Position Cushions for Gay Market

BRISTOL, Pa. — XGen Products has announced the launch of two new Perfect Position sex cushions aimed specifically at the gay market.

With full color sales materials available, the company said this product aims to appeal to gay-specific retailers seeking to expand their merchandise offerings.

“Everyone wants a little help with those hard-to-manage positions, and a gay clientele is no exception,” said Andy Green, vice president of XGen Products.

“We observed that there’s never been a product aimed specifically at the gay market, with presentation and collateral materials to match. At a time when there’s so much competition for retail space, we feel this will put us a little farther ahead of our rivals.”

Two new models are available – the “Life Raft” (wholesale $74), which is a full body-sized block, and the “Try Angle” (wholesale $66), a wedge-shaped cushion.

The company said they’re made of versatile, high-impact foam that is safe, durable, and easily washed with removable covers. Each includes a full-color instructional guide.

The gay cushions will begin shipping Jan. 31.