Baci Lingerie Launches Black Label Collection

MIAMI — Baci Lingerie announced the launch of its new Black Label Collection today that will be presented for the first time at the Salon de la Lingerie in Paris Jan. 22-24.

The company said the new line has been in development for more than three years and comes with a $20 million investment that included a $5 million photo budget shot in castles in Germany, the U.K. and France.

In an effort to define what Baci calls “Affordable Luxury,” the company said its international design teams worked closely together for many years to deliver what it said will be an entirely new category of sexy lingerie that “will change the way the world views lingerie forever.”

“As the main sponsor of the Salon de la Lingerie show we felt that this is the perfect platform for us to launch our Black Label Collection and display it to the world,” said Baci Lingerie COO Robert Rosen.

He added, “There is no better venue to introduce our revolutionary new collection than at the biggest lingerie show in the world where all the top companies and brands will be. Our second collection had a total budget of $20 million and will include over 500 new styles of beautifully and sophisticated designed lingerie. The Black Label Collection will have a high-end lingerie styled theme, similar to European chic style, for 95 percent lower prices than other brands such as La Perla and Agent Provocateur.”

Rosen maintained that the low-priced luxury Black Label Collection ushers in a new category of lingerie that will “revolutionize” the industry.

The company said that the concept of the new offering’s photo shoot is in line with its first collection whereby each of the 500 pieces were shot so that each style had its own setting with front and back photos and video to provide customers with an intimate and personal touch. A total of 1100 photos and 550 videos will debut with the Black Label Collection.

Rosen said that the photo retouching alone took more than 5,000 man hours and the $5 million photo shoot was managed by a globally acclaimed Italian production team. Printing costs for 50,000 Black Label Collection books topped $3 million, according to the company.

Rosen said Baci is looking forward to meeting new partners and developing new relationships at upcoming shows like Salon International de la lingerie in Paris and invites all interested parties to share and explore the “Baci Lingerie experience.”

A sneak peek of the new collection with a global promotional trailer can be seen here.

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