FSC's Scott Tucker Steps Down

CANOGA PARK, Calif. – The year ended for the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) with the expected resignation of Scott Tucker, president of the FSC. Tucker is stepping down after serving the maximum term of four consecutive years for the FSC.

Tucker was not available to speak with XBiz, but he issued a statement earlier this week expressing his hopes for the FSC's future success and his regrets at having fulfilled his term limit.

Tucker will officially step down as president of the FSC by the first month of the New Year. He said in his statement that the time has come for him to focus on his young family and his business, Topco Sales, one of the largest manufacturers of adult sex products since 1973.

"First and foremost, I'd like to say that it's been an honor to serve FSC as a board member and as the president," Tucker said in a statement. "I thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to serve our industry through this most vital and influential organization."

Tucker went on to issue a call to action to the adult entertainment industry, and more directly to members of the FSC, to give support and strength to the coalition's present and future endeavors.

"We need industry veterans to continue to show their interest, as well as the more recent entrepreneurs who have less history, but lots of enthusiasm, to join in protecting our First Amendment rights," Tucker stated.

"I will always believe strongly in the FSC and its cause, and will make myself available to support its success in any way that I can," he added. "I thank those members who believed in our mission and who donated their resources and their time. Over the past four years, I have seen FSC grow in its power and influence, becoming stronger and more respected with each passing day."

Tucker will remain an active member of the board of directors on an advisory capacity during the transition from his resignation to the naming of a new president.

"Take a stand for your industry, step up, hear our plea, and join forces in maintaining a powerful trade association," Tucker stated. "Commit your time, your effort and your talents so the quest for true free speech can continue and that the Free Speech Coalition can flourish."