EMC2Billing Relaunches Payout Website

WEST LAKE, Calif. — EMC2Billing announced the relaunch of its EMC2Payouts website.

The company said the new offering was completely redesigned from the ground up based on feedback from its current affiliate programs and eWallet holders in order to enhance support and usability.

“First off I would like to thank our growing client base for the insight and feedback on our previous website. I truly believe that we have incorporated the suggestions from our clients in a way that everyone will find valuable,” said CEO Greg Berard.

The new site provides eWallet holders with easier access to information about the advantages and options available in the EMC2Payouts program.

Berard said, “In the near future we will begin providing a listing of all the affiliate programs which have selected EMC2Payouts as a provider to help our current and potential eWallet holders maximize the value of the account."

He added, "After all, business owners are always trying reduce the complexity in their financial operations."

More information from marketing@emc2payouts.com or visit EMC2Billing.