DateCamCash Launches New White Label Generator Features

MELBOURNE, Fla. — DateCamCash has announced new exclusive white label generator features.

“We know how important efficiency and effectiveness are when creating a viable marketing platform,” CamWorld CEO Dan Hogue said.

“Whether you have two sites or 200 sites, you can easily go through and create a white-labeled website that cannot only work as a CMS for your site with constantly updated material, but will also provide a way for you to advertise other products and services with minimal effort.”

In addition to the options already provided, the white label generator now has IFrame AdSpots webmasters can control, change and customize.

“It’s very easy to use and fully functional,” Hogue said.

“Add advertisements to your white label, return traffic back to your own site, trade toplist positions, create a much more solid branding, the possibilities are endless. We have added five high visibility areas on the pages of the white label for you to place your own advertisements.”

A sample site can be found here.

Hogue said once webmasters enter all the information, header and colors, they will see the newly created white label in the white label admin area. They will then need to create HTML for each of the spots and enter the URL for each of the ad spots.

After a white label is created, webmasters should contact, where a a DateCamCash representative will enable the ad spots.