London's Playboy Club Looking for Bunnies

LONDON — Playboy is looking for London bunnies. The London Playboy Club, with its planned opening of May 20, is gearing up for business and taking applications for Bunny roles through head-hunter agency London Clubs International.

"Bunnies will always be immaculately presented in her impeccable Bunny costume topped off with a fluffy, bouncy Bunny Tail and a large amount of friendly personality," London Clubs says in an ad on its site, which invited applicants to apply online.

London Clubs International notes on the site that to become a Bunny "you must have a sleek, well proportioned figure and be able to carry yourself with poise and composure."

"Bunnies will be provided with and wear the iconic Playboy Bunny costume and will be immaculately presented from the tip of their Bunny ears to the point of their high-heeled shoes," the agency says.

London Clubs International also is offering other positions as well, including Bunny valet, Bunny dealer and marketing manager.

London's Playboy Club will be located at the renovated Rendezvous Mayfair Casino on Old Park Lane.