American Airlines Doesn't Want Rick's Cabaret as Neighbor

DALLAS — American Airlines has taken a stance against Rick's Cabaret: The world's second-largest airline doesn't want the gentlemens club as a neighbor.

Scheduled to open in a few weeks and promising to make the airport "sexier," Rick's is embroiled in a not-in-my-backyard fight with American Airlines and local officials because the club is located near the south entrance of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and American Airline's corporate headquarters.

American Airlines and the local officials are attempting to make state regulators void Rick's Cabaret's liquor license application.

On Thursday, members of the airport's board met with club protesters, which included American Airlines executives.

In a statement, the executives said that "because an establishment of this kind within close proximity to American Airlines headquarters and DFW Airport poses a threat to the general welfare and safety of employees and passengers at the airport."

Rick’s Cabaret, which operates six clubs in the North Texas area, purchased the new club last year and is timing its opening to Super Bowl week next month. The club said the city of Fort Worth accepted all of their plans and paperwork months ago and they full intend to open on Jan. 20.

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