PIMPROLL Receives Multiple XBIZ Noms

LOS ANGELES — PIMPROLL has received multiple nominations for the 2011 XBIZ Awards.

The company said the nominations are in recognition of PIMPROLL’s new technologies and marketing techniques.

“Some award categories are more subjective than others," said David K of PIMPROLL.

"The best performer or director for example is a matter of taste to a certain degree, but what makes me most proud of our nominations are the more objective categories such as Affiliate Program of the Year and Progressive Web Company of the Year in the Web and Tech niche, which means XBIZ took a close look at our technological advancements and marketing maneuvers. Their long view of the industry and impartial perspective is what makes these nominations significant."

Along with technological advancements, PIMPROLL also decided to offer monthly pricing below the $10 price point on a network of content sites.

"As proof that our content quality rivals any other provider, you'll see many of the XBIZ nominees for best porn star and several of the other content award categories appearing in our collection already,” David K. said.

“We give our fans and affiliates the best performers, the fresh new faces and the highest production values along with versatile pricing and key technological breakthroughs that allow everyone to find what they are looking for — real entertainment."