SexEntertain Teams With Click Truth to Expand Operations

LOS ANGELES — Leased content provider SexEntertain announced today a comprehensive alliance with Click Truth, a hosted behavioral-targeting platform.

Under a multi-year agreement, SexEntertain will manage worldwide sales, customer service and deployments of the Click Truth's Insight Software solutions.

Click Truth said its Insight Software Platform enables webmasters to make more money from their existing traffic and customers.

For adult webmasters, the CTI Profiling Engine anonymously tracks and records the behavior and actions of every visitor and forms unique profiles for each.

The CTI Decision Engine processes the data stored in the profiles to instantly signal the specific website being visited to display in real time the most relevant and targeted content matching that visitor's profile, the company said.

"Working with SexEntertain is a fantastic marriage," said John Van Arnam, president of Click Truth.

"Who better to help Click Truth deploy technology and deliver the most relevant content than a team of tech savvy professionals who have been focused on delivering content for 13 years. They have a well established, well regarded services business with relationships spanning the globe. It is a perfect fit.”

SexEntertain executives said the company has been working with Click Truth for several months, preparing for the company's next phase of growth and market penetration.

“The Click Truth software developers are top notch and have developed a superior offering that is tailor made to the adult vertical," SexEntertain President RJ said.

"The technological innovation unpinning the Click Truth Insight Platform is very advanced. The Click Truth technology is on a completely different level than anything else that is out there; mainstream or adult, and we have been consistently impressed with the Click Truth team. We are well equipped and very excited to scale up Click Truth's business.”

When asked about Click Truth implementations, Van Arnam said that every client is unique and most use the platform differently.

“We have configured four Click Truth Solutions, one each for boosting conversion ratios, improving retention and loyalty, and optimizing advertising campaigns," he said.

Van Arnam said the four Click Truth Insight Solutions can be applied individually or in combination to any online business regardless of business model.

“We have seen conversions increase dramatically," he said. "And we have seen hard sales numbers increase by 14-15 percent."

Van Arnam also said cams have shown a particular benefit, as each surfer's profile becomes more refined every time they return.

"By the time they have returned only two or three times, we can offer a cam personality that is so specific to the interests of the surfer that the likely hood of that surfer purchasing a show goes up seven and eight times over normal traffic patterns. This is the right approach for the adult entertainment industry to restart its growth and the right time for webmasters to make constructive changes to their online properties."