FleshDrive Sells Out in Stores

NEW YORK — USB flash drive company FleshDrive has announced that the product has sold out in stores across the country, five months after the company started wholesale operations.

The company said FleshDrive has received a number of reorders from companies such as Williams Trading, Jackson Supply and Dejavu.

According to FleshDrive, Lancaster Distributors, located in Salem, Ore., sold 73 drives in a single day.

“We are extremely pleased to see this new adult format sold so quickly and accepted by the adult consumer,” the distribution company said.

FleshDrive also said that Dejavu Showgirls of Las Vegas requested a banner to display in its store window because of the popularity of the product.

“I am extremely pleased with how the consumers have taken a liking to our product,” said Michael Gruosso, FleshDrive vice president of sales.

“We wanted to make something that our consumer will be happy with. FleshDrive was even named one of the best gifts for the 2010 NY Press gift guide.”

Gruosso added FleshDrive has a lot planned for the new year, including new studios, new niches and other ventures.