Fleshlight CEO Recognized on Mainstream Men’s Site

CYBERSPACE — Guyism.com, a news and entertainment website for men, has chosen Fleshlight CEO Steve Shubin as one of “50 Guys We Wish We Were in 2010.”

Some of the other men chosen include various mainstream actors, personalities, sports stars and producers.

“Sometimes the best way to remember a year is through the people who kept things interesting,” the site said.

“Guys who showed heart in your favorite sport, wrote your favorite song, or created that website that won’t let you get any work done.”

Shubin was recognized for pioneering the Fleshlight.

“Steve’s male sex toy was always an innovation but he really outdid himself this year when he unveiled the Avatar edition. You may never party with the Na’vi but with Fleshlight, you can feel like you’re humping the Unobtanium out of one.”