Older4Me Celebrates 12-Year Anniversary With Redesign

LOS ANGELES — Gay website Older4Me announced that it's celebrating its 12th year in the industry with a newly designed website.

The site that caters to mature men over 50 is now offering members its entire PPV video collection along with a cruising online dating section and video chat at Daddy Live that features webcasts with older performers.

"You won't find our content diluted on the Internet," the company said.

"We pride ourselves on high quality films and specially selected models that get delivered directly to our members and nowhere else. No outsourcing here. It's all done in-house and made available to our customers exclusively."

The Older4me Network now includes PlayDaddy.com, BlacksOnDaddies.com, MyFirstDaddy.com, DaddyTube.com, DaddyLamar.com, DRMPOD.com and DaddyLive.com.

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